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1827 - Our Origins

James & Ogilvie founded in 1827 at 123 High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1863 - Founding

Harrisons of Edinburgh is founded in 1863 by a 51 year Sir George Harrison through the acquisition of James & Ogilvie moving into their premises of 31 North Bridge, Edinburgh.

1888 - Legacy & Commemoration

The Harrison Arch is built in 1888 to commemorate George Harrison's contribution to Edinburgh, while 2 Streets in the city (Harrison Road & Harrison Gardens) here named in his honor.

1895 - Origins In Exeter

Lear Browne and Dunsford chose Exeter as their base when they commenced trading in 1895, supplying fine quality fabrics and linings to the worldwide tailoring industry, some 111 years later (2006) they would acquire Harrison & Co.

1900 - Exporting Abroad

George Archibald Harrison (the third George to head the firm after George Harrison Jr dies in 1890) begins exporting cloth to the USA. When US customers asked for a trade mark to distinguish the cloth, the Thistle was chosen. This was designed by E.S Harrison.

Early 1901-09

Over time George Harrison & Co enlarges its business to include English worsteds and coatings before opening offices in London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels.

1950's - Partnering with Porter and Harding

After the war Harrisons & Co became partners with Porter and Harding, a firm who specialise in sports cloth. To two companies would later reunite over 40 years later.

1963 - Centenary Year (100th anniversary)

Harrisons of Edinburgh celebrate their 100th year in business and do so in style with the 'Tailor and Cutter' winner being made of Harrison cashmere. The Tailor and Cutter is an annual award for the best cashmere garment a benchmark for our industry.

1989 - The Company Grows

LBD acquire Pedersen and Becker in 1989 – P&B, renowned as a favourite with City gentlemen for their fine classic worsteds

1993 - Further Growth

Some 43 years after their first partnership, Porter and Harding becomes part of the LBD group of merchants.
The acquisition brought some of the most classic sports and country wear ranges to LBD.

1999 - Harrisons

Lear Browne and Dunsford purchased Harrisons in 1999, and transformed the business, and indeed Harrisons is now the name we now all know and use.
Harrisons, with all its history and fine collections of cloth, has become the flagship of our ranges and is a leading name in the worldwide fine cloth trade.

2010 - From Strength to Strength

2010 sees the acquisition of H Lesser & Sons – H Lesser have built their business on fine quality worsted suitings and are renowned throughout the world as one of London’s top merchants.

2014 - SMITH & Co. and W BILL

Smiths & Co, one of the finest woollen merchants in the country, with its fine ranges, including the exclusive Solaro, is welcomed in to the Harrisons brands, along with W Bill, purveyors of some of the finest tweeds woven in the British Isles.