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Porter & Harding

John Porter and Bill Harding were never happier than when they were sloshing through mud, feeling the wind and rain with a view of hills or water. Both men loved country sports - hunting, shooting and fishing. After the Second World War they set up their own company to make the sports clothes they wanted to wear. The company grew to have offices in London, Paris and New York.

Porter and Harding cloth continues to use the techniques the pair developed for wild days outdoors. The Thornproof range is spun from Cheviot sheep’s wool, renowned for its hard-wearing qualities. The fabric has one of the tightest weaves you can find, which protects you from harsh weather, thistles and thorns - hence the name Thornproof. Hartwist is similarly robust, with its combination of smooth and rough yarns which the men twisted together for colour and strength.

Customers love the classic country look of Porter and Harding but not everyone shares their love of cold, wet days trudging through thistles. In response we have developed the range to include lightweight, luxury tweed with the same classic colours and patterns - perfect for warmer climates and city living. Every bunch is spun in the British Isles, so you can take a little piece of UK weather with you - even if you stay firmly indoors.