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Smith Woollens

Every day for nearly 100 years, Savile Row tailors have received deliveries of Smith Woollens luxury suiting cloth. Originally, Smith Woollens were one of very few merchants to have offices and a warehouse round the corner from Savile Row. Today the deliveries continue because Smith Woollens is one of the most sought-after cloths in the industry. It’s used by tailors and designers such as Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith. Smith Woollens have featured in Hermes, Yves St Laurent, Gucci and Stella McCartney collections, among others. Keep your eyes peeled during James Bond and Harry Potter films, which also feature this best-of-British cloth

Smith Woollens are exclusive traders of Solaro cloth. Solaro’s trademark red threads were originally believed to repel sunlight. This quality made it a popular choice for military personnel and travellers heading to tropical destinations. The cloth, which is 100% wool, performs beautifully in the heat. It’s true that suits keep their superb drape and shape under the hottest sun - even if science has moved on to show they don’t repel UV rays. So the next time you’re off on holiday, remember that Solaro is the obvious choice for stylish holiday photos - just don’t forget the sunscreen.