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H. Lesser & Sons

How far would you travel to find the perfect suit? For more than 100 years, we’ve travelled to auctions in Australia to find the best quality wool. Considering that the first flights to Australia took 12 days, this level of commitment to quality was extreme. But it’s who we are and it’s how we’ve always been.

Every bale we buy of extra fine merino wool is hand-sorted for spinning into a fine thread. This thread makes a superb range of cloths, which are each inspected to ensure they meet our rigorous standards. The cloth is then stocked exclusively by a small, select group of merchants.

This is how far we go for just one bunch of H Lesser cloth. Quality is vital and we have the highest standards for every range. Our motto is “the finest cloth, without exception.” This has created suits we’re proud to sell and it’s brought us dedicated customers across Europe, America and Japan.

Our cloths cater to the modern professional, with classic blacks, greys and pinstripe options. For those occasions that call for something more relaxed, H Lesser offers luxury sports jacketing and flannels in the Carlo Barbera range.

All H Lesser cloth is woven tightly and densely in the UK, using traditional methods. The dense weave creates robust suits that resist creasing and spring back into shape. So whether you’re simply commuting or embarking on an epic 12-day flight, you’ll emerge looking refined. How’s that for quality?